High School Spanish Summer Camp 2018

Fast. Efficient. Effective

Quickly earn your high school language credit in just 4 weeks. Emerse yourself in the Spanish language, and learn how to communicate more effectively. 

Session 1

June 2018


Session 2

July-August  2018


Summer courses are divided into 2 sessions, offering flexibility in your schedule.  Sessions are split into two semesters, A and B, with each session offering a full year of Spanish language credit to high school students. Language credits include levels 1-5.

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Get your High School Credit During the SUMMER!
SPANISH!!!!   Summer Intensive classes, from 8am to 12pm, Monday through Friday, two weeks per semester
Accreditation is awarded after successful completion of the program. Each semester* is equivalent to half credit. Credits received during these courses will be entered in 2015-2016 Summer-Semester in your school transcript
Coming late or leaving early accumulates, and will count towards absences.  All 15 hours of independent study assigned throughout the two weeks courses must be turned by August 3rd (1st Semester) and August 17th (2nd Semester) for credit to be awarded

Texas law requires that students attend 90% of the school days.

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